Radiant Vision Systems

Drupal CMS Support

Screens are everywhere–and so is Radiant Vision technology.

Radiant Vision Systems is a producer of test and measurement technology that world-leading lighting and display manufacturers use to ensure quality, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. Based in Redmond, Washington, Radiant VS has worked alongside manufacturers for over 20 years, supplying industry leaders with the tools necessary to take the next technological step forward.

Looking for a nearby development team that they could easily collaborate with, we were contacted by Radiant Vision Systems with a request for Drupal CMS assistance.

Website Updates for a Drupal CMS

When we sat down with Radiant VS, they presented us with a clear list of updates they wanted us to make on their Drupal website. We immediately set to work knocking out items in their backlog, spending just short of a month performing updates on their website.

Much of what they needed assistance with centered around making translated and localized content more easily accessible to their international clients. We updated the header section of their website to allow for a one-click toggle between their English and Chinese content. We also added social media icons to the footer of the website that connected to Chinese and English social media accounts.

Updating Website Navigation

We performed small updates to elevate the appearance, display, and production of new content on the website, tidying landing pages and making downloadable and streamable content more accessible. We built a sitemap page to assist with website navigation, populating it with links to frequented and essential pages.

Since our initial work, we’ve continued to remain development partners with Radiant VS, setting aside time each month to address any new items in their backlog and provide support.