Bear Group Case Study

Oiselle Running Custom Drupal and Magento Website Case Study

Launch Date: 
September 2012

Web Development Challenge

Oiselle Running designs women’s fitness apparel that is as beautiful as it is functional. Unfortunately, the same has not always been true of their website. In 2012, the Oiselle team realized that, although the site looked great, they had outgrown their e-commerce system. At the time, they were relying on a solo web designer for their site maintenance. He had an excellent eye for design but lacked the resources to deliver the kind of development team they were looking for.

The existing site was running on an outdated version of Drupal, with Ubercart on the store’s backend. Although Ubercart had once served their needs, as their sales volume grew, the system’s limitations began to chafe. The Oiselle marketing team had a long list of new store features they were after—promotions, cross-sells, social media integration, etc. Given the scope of the work, they knew they needed an implementation partner who could provide more support than a single web designer could. And that’s where we came in.

Custom Magento Store and Drupal CMS Solution

After connecting with Oiselle through a referral, we sat down together and built a roadmap for getting them to a better storefront. The first step was to jettison the Ubercart module and implement Magento as their new e-commerce platform. Using Magento as a starting point ensured that Oiselle would have better tools for managing their sales, inventory, and promotions, right out of the gate.

Next came the Drupal side of the site, which manages their athlete and dealer pages, their blog, and other marketing content around the site. Bringing their Drupal install forward from version 6 to version 7 not only delivered interface and performance improvements, but it also gave us the opportunity to remove some database clutter left behind by the original Ubercart store. After two months of full-time development, we trained the team on their new system and launched the new

After the success of that original project, we stayed on as Oiselle’s implementation partner. Revisiting the marketing team’s wish list, we planned out a series of continuous improvements for the site. We used Olapic to pull user images in from social media and display them on product pages. We added value to their Magento installation by integrating it with Bronto, their ecommerce marketing and CRM toolkit. We also created a fully responsive mobile version of the site. Our continued partnership with Oiselle has given us the opportunity not only to help drive more online sales, but also to match the site’s form with the function it deserves.