Building a Custom Website on Wordpress

Beneath miles of American soil stretches thousands of yards of cable that have been utilized by utility companies since the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt. As time and rust has eroded those cables, utility companies have had to dig up and replace them in order to restore functionality to their networks.

Founded in 2003 by Glen Bertini, the original inventor and preeminent expert on cable rejuvenation, Novinium is known among utility companies as a valuable partner in this process. As an industry leader in the field of cable rejuvenation, Novinium provides a breadth of services that eases the burden of utility companies as they strive to keep their networks operating at peak performance.

Wanting to refresh their web presence with an updated site, Novinium broke ground on a new website built with Wordpress. Their original partner was great with the design, but development was sub-contracted to a freelancer and moving slowly (see our whitepaper on finding the right style of developer for your work). At the time, Novinium was also working with a frequent content strategist partner of ours, Vitamin C Creative, and they recommended us to their team.

Once Novinium connected with our team at Bear Group, we got to work quickly.

Working with Wordpress: Building a Custom Website

Novinium wanted an updated website that would allow them to leverage modern content management technology to amplify the reach of their online presence and provide an easily navigable information resource for their clients. Their team settled on Wordpress as their website platform for its ease of use.

In addition to the unique layout Novinium needed to display custom content on their website, they also required their site to support complex, digital integrations with additional tools. An unusual demand of Wordpress websites, we worked quickly to address the backlog of editing and development issues that had manifested during the early stages of their project.

A Successful Deployment

We worked with the Novinium marketing team to prioritize the remaining tasks. In a short span of time (about 3 weeks) we wrapped up all pre-live development tasks, assisted with content placement, and brought their new site live. This brought the first phase of development to a close for them.

Our web operations team established the deployment process, that Novinium now uses to securely, and efficiently, update their website in perpetuity.

After the successful conclusion of our initial engagement with the Novinium team, we established a monthly, sprint-based development strategy to provide ongoing support for additional site features, new content areas, and new digital marketing plans.