Custom Drupal Website with Digital Marketing Integration

Web Development Challenge

Specializing in training that helps agencies win new business, Mirren has some high-level content management needs. The company provides their subscriber base with daily RFP leads, editorial content, consulting services, online classes, and in-person workshops and events. But in 2013, as they were expanding their offerings, they were having trouble getting their website to keep pace.

A lot of the improvements the site needed had to be built from scratch. They had worked with a handful of development firms, but either they were too large to adapt to the project’s changes in scope and direction or they were too small to provide the resources to get the job done in a timely fashion.

When they came to us, Mirren was in need of a development partner that could be nimble and collaborative while also committing the resources required to keep the project moving forward.



Custom Drupal CMS Solution

The existing Mirren site had been built on Drupal 6, so one of our first tasks was to bring it forward to Drupal 7. Happily, the project played to many of D7’s strengths. Some of Mirren’s top requirements were a powerful set of user management controls, a quick-and-easy method for updating content, and an information architecture that could handle their ever-expanding content catalog.

By combining Drupal’s built-in user management tools with a custom subscription management module, we were able to put all of Mirren’s user data at their fingertips. The administrative interface gives the Mirren team a clear view of their subscriber information and automatically assigned user roles make it easy for them to control who has access to what content.

A Better Content Marketing Tool

Since their newly expanded content pipeline featured daily updates, it was critical that the Mirren team be able to write, edit, and publish with ease. We worked with them to standardize their content and leveraged Drupal’s content creation interface to build a user experience that is clean and intuitive.


Restructure of existing content and improved information architecture.

Updated content types to display their assets consistently and effectively.

Improved ability to build custom views and filters for browsing users.

Ongoing Partnership

Since the launch of their redesigned website in February of 2014, we’ve stayed on with Mirren to provide ongoing development support. That spring, we also helped them launch Mirren Talent, a career portal for employers and job-seekers looking to fill business development roles. We’ve built several custom integrations with payment gateways, and continue to work on larger initiatives.