Liska + Associates

Drupal Website Case Study

Liska + Associates, a boutique design and communications firm in Chicago, is one of our premier design partners. Founded in 1980, Liska works with clients ranging from Kiehls to the American Dental Association, BNSF to Rebecca Taylor.

Building a Fully Reponsive Website

In addition to migrating the Liska + Associates website, portfolio and blog over to Drupal, we implemented a fully responsive mobile theme. This web theme "snaps" at 8 different breakpoints to adapt to any screen size, including very large screens (try it by visiting their website and changing the width of your browser).

The front-end web development also included some nice JavaScript effects, such as a slide show for each client in the portfolio, the ability to page through the portfolio (even though the content is not in a menu), and the ability to control portfolio sort order according to filter. We also created a secure portal for Liska clients, where Liska staff can upload and manage asset handoffs.