A 3-Week Migration to Magento 2

Meet Geocaching

Since early 2000, GPS hobbyists have hidden “treasure” stashes for other GPS users, creating a community of geocachers. Geocaches can be hidden anywhere from challenging environments to easily accessible spots around a local neighborhood. The items hidden in a cache are unique, and often a signature of the geocache hunter.

The website was created just a few short months after the hunt began, and has continued to sell geocaching items to hobbyists since then.

A Magento 2 Upgrade

Geocaching wanted to update the look and feel of their Magento® ecommerce platform, as well as take advantage of the administrative improvements made in the latest version of Magento, Magento 2.

Our team migrated their entire eCommerce website to the new version of the platform, customizing the Magento 2 base theme to match the Geocaching brand. The project was completed quickly in the short time frame of three weeks. After just a few weeks of staff training, the new shop.geocaching launched.