Support for a Custom Drupal Website

Danaher is a corporation that encompasses a diverse network of technology innovators, each of whom share a passion for scientific advancement and quality creation. Danaher is a global corporation, with over 20 operating companies working together around the world. Danaher has created technology that has contributed to pre-natal medical equipment, ocean purification systems, and recycling processing facilities.

The Challenge

Danaher wanted to update their website with a more modern appearance, revitalizing their online image with an improved web design and architecture. They wanted their brand image online to be a representation of the same innovation that characterizes their technology. Improvements to the website’s aesthetic would come from an updated web design and website organization hierarchy.

The Fit

Danaher’s website was already built on a Drupal platform, so it was important for them to find a development firm, like Bear Group, that specialized in Drupal. We had done similar work for Fortive (see our work for Fortive), a spin-off corporation from Danaher, in the past and they referred Danaher’s marketing team to us. We sat down with the Danaher team to review items they had in their backlog, pain points they had with their current website, and the goals they had for their website in the future as the center of their online marketing strategy.

Our Solution

We wanted to approach the modernization of the Danaher website by addressing each point of the user experience: functionality, appearance, and content.

To improve the functionality of the website we tightened up the system’s organization. We updated the layout of Danaher’s business directory to better represent the network of brands within the Danaher umbrella company.

We worked together with Design Hovie Studios, additionally leveraging design and architecture work we had done for Fortive to craft a more modern image for the overall look and feel of the website, including making their website responsive to various browsers and devices.

We then introduced Danaher to Vitamin C Creative, who worked to create a website messaging strategy that both delivered the Danaher story while optimizing for a digital readership. Once we had completed our work, we packaged it up and passed it over to Danaher’s PR Newswire team to use in their management of the website.


  • Improved organization of Danaher's business directory layout.

  • Responsive web design and development implemented across the Danaher website.

  • Coordination with Vitamin C Creative to find the best digital delivery of Danaher's messaging strategy.

A Successful Launch

At the end of our collaboration with Vitamin C Creative, Design Hovie Studios, and the Danaher team, Danaher's website had undergone a complete refresh. With content, an updated UX, and an improved site architecture in place, the Danaher website is ready to handle the needs of both users and admin.