Redesign from Wordpress to Drupal

Originally founded in 2007, Crosscut is an online-only news syndicate covering events local to Seattle. Crosscut then later merged with KCTS 9 under the Cascade Public Media nonprofit, and continues producing stories that focus on a wide range of social issues, politics, the environment, as well as culture. Crosscut maintains its own set of publishing tools, web experience and editorial team, offering different viewpoints and the same unique news experience first offered in 2007.

A Website Refresh for Crosscut

After successfully working with KCTS 9, we were approached with a project to update the Crosscut website. Crosscut wanted a fresh design in place, as well as an updated UX and a more easily manageable, flexible CMS. They were currently running on Wordpress, however the diversity of content types and in order to settle on a single CMS across the organization, they moved to Drupal 8. A big driver of that decision was the vast admin experience improvements in Drupal 8 that allow editorial teams an experience that many feel is better (for the first time) than the Wordpress CMS in terms of usability.

A Successful Migration

Our team of developers scoped a path for migration that would preserve any and all content and data from their older website. The new theme and design was then provided by the KCTS 9 team. To manage comments and ads on their website, we also re-integrated Crosscut’s Disqus tool to appear seamlessly at the bottom of their webpages.