A Custom Magento and Drupal Website

Chihuly artwork is one of a kind. Made of swirling color and refracted light, to see a Chihuly glasswork piece is to immediately recognize the hand of the artist. Although Chihuly artwork is sold and exhibited worldwide, the Chihuly hotshop and studio are both located in Seattle, Washington.

When Chihuly wanted to update their online presence, they engaged Bear Group for the build and Fell Swoop for design–both agencies who have partnered on projects in the past and are local to Seattle.

A Hybrid Magento-Drupal Custom Website

The Chihuly website had been separated into two different domains to handle the ecommerce and content aspects of their web presence. Content was handled through, and used for education, history and artist information. The was a storefront that sold annual, limited edition artwork and other treasures.

System Integrations

To migrate accounts, log-ins, and other essential information from their previous ecommerce site, our team used a mapping tool that transferred their data to a new Magento® database. Additionally, we integrated Chihuly’s website with their Navision ERP, Mailchimp, and other third-party tools used to customize their website’s check-out and order processing.

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Crafting a Branded Web Presence

For our development team, a majority of this project was spent in detailed front-end development work. To the Chihuly team, the visual appearance and the feel of their website’s user experience was paramount.

The initial part of the project was spent in intensive design work, led by the Fell Swoop team. Conducting UX studies, careful wireframing, collecting feedback from target audiences, and hosting creative discussions, Fell Swoop generated a look and feel that the Chihuly team approved of and that their consumers identified. After Fell Swoop handed over the finalized designs to our development team, we continued to coordinate closely with them on the functional implementation process.


  • Updated UX and front-end site design and development.

  • Tight integration between Chihuly's CMS, eCommerce, and Martech platforms.

A Successful Collaboration

The result of our teamwork was Chihuly’s new website, updated to offer better ease of management to site admin and a fresh experience to visitors.

As a company, most of our developers were involved in this project over various phases. We greatly enjoyed working with the Chihuly team, and partnering with Fell Swoop to bring this to life.