Custom Drupal Website

Both a software and hardware company, Center is creating the next evolution in the digital corporate credit card. Featuring a touch-screen and built-in battery, the CenterCard was built to streamline company expenditures by updating spending reports in real-time.

In November, 2016, the Center team reached out to us at Bear Group to assist with building their new corporate website. We partnered with Center to build a website that would introduce the new product and brand to the world at the Fusion conference in March, 2017. It needed to provide a strong introduction for a new type of credit card experience, as well as be easy to manage and grow afterwards.

Orchestrated for Success – Building From Drupal, Up

After meeting with Heather Singh, Center’s CMO who spearheaded the project, we got down to brass tacks and then worked our way outward to the more nuanced goals of Center’s project.

At the foundation of the Center website would be a strong platform, capable of supporting an innovative web design and user experience representative of their brand. The solution was the latest release of Drupal, Drupal 8. With extensive features built right into the platform’s core, production on the custom aspects of the Center website took off quickly.

A Heuristic Navigation

Using the Drupal paragraphs module, we were able to create a website build that could be easily customizable by the Center team. Center’s web pages are built using stacked paragraphs that appear like “stripes” of content to the users. In addition to being a modern layout, easily navigated by mobile devices, the Center team can select from several possible stripe configurations inside of each page, changing the page layout and content presentation dramatically without having to implement an entirely new design.

MarTech Integrations

One of the marketing goals of the new site as an announcement vehicle (ahead of product availability) to capture interest and leads. We integrated lead conversion tools with their marketing automation tool, Pardot. Typically, companies will have already been up and running on their MarTech ahead of when site integration occurs, but being a startup, this was not the case with Center. Bear Group dove into the Pardot back-end to do initial configuration and work through the setup of the third-party tool for the Center team.


  • Using a team approach, we enlisted Vitamin C Creative and Design Hovie Studios to approach the design of the Center website from three perspectives–functionality, content strategy, and web design.

  • Design Hovie Studios worked directly with Center’s Heather Singh and the rest of the Center team to capture the brand, designing a UX that would scale responsively and be adaptable to the anticipated growth of the company.

  • Likewise, Vitamin C Creative worked closely with the client to deliver a crafted content strategy. Adhering to a tight deadline, Vitamin C Creative implemented a voice and tone that captured the brand voice of Center.

A Successful Collaboration

The energy of the project was fast-paced, and flowed like a consistent conversation between our team, the Center team, Vitamin C Creative, and Design Hovie Studios. Like any other startup project, it was a race to the announcement date. By the time various publications–GeekWire, The Seattle Times, and PR Newswire, to name a few–were funneling curious traffic towards Center, their website was ready.