Burke Museum

Support for a Custom Drupal Website

Founded in 1885, the Burke Museum of Natural History is the oldest public museum in Washington state, and was officially recognized as the state museum in 1899. The Burke Museum currently displays a curated collection of over 16 million items, and in addition to providing educational resources to visitors, the Burke Museum is also an active research center dedicated to studying the biodiversity and cultural heritage of Washington. Much like the natural world that it provides a glimpse into, the Burke Museum is a dynamic center of growth and learning, coordinating with other research organizations to promote scientific discovery and accurately represent the history of cultures indigenous to the Pacific Northwest.

The Burke Museum website is an extension of this pursuit, providing resources to visitors online. We were introduced to the Burke Museum through one of our developers, Corey Kahler, who had done development work for Burke in the past, and helped ease the transition between development agencies.

The Benefit of Drupal Support

The Burke Museum’s website was built on a Drupal platform, and they immediately presented us with a backlog of items they wanted us to address presently, as well as goals they had for their website in the future.

We performed a series of updates on their website, addressing any user experience bugs, smoothing out padding inconsistencies, improving the cohesive appearance of the website’s design, and straightening out the functionality of enabled modules. We also adjusted their website’s mobile configuration, to allow for more responsive screen sizing.

After the successful deployment of our first series of improvements on the Burke Museum website, we look forward to continuing to work alongside their team in the future.