Brininstool + Lynch

A Drupal Migration and Redesign

Brininstool + Lynch is a Chicago-based architecture firm fully immersed in the architectural heritage of the city itself. Brininstool + Lynch can be recognized by their unique structures whose modernist style is inspired by the surrounding landscape. Since it was first founded in 1989, Brininstool + Lynch have completed over 250 projects, and have done work for clients that include the Art Institute of Chicago, the Barack Obama Foundation, and the University of Chicago.

A Website Refresh

Built on Drupal 7, B+L was ready to update their website with a refreshed look and feel. The project would update both the website’s front-end, featuring a new design and UX, as well as the back-end with a fresh install of Drupal 8. Our long-time design partner Liska & Associates lead the project. We had built the initial site together in 2009, and were excited to partner up once again on the redesign and migration.  

A Complete Remodel

We migrated Brininstool + Lynch from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, transferring all content and data to their new website. We added some additional new features to their website’s layout, including a video slider to their home page as well as other content display features around their website to add variety to how they exhibited their work online.

A Fresh Design

Liska’s modernist graphic design style perfectly aligns with Brininstool + Lynch. Liska lead the design phase, including our team during important review cycles to validate builds. Once Brininstool + Lynch signed off on the design, we took over leadership of the project, including Liska at each major milestone review and often engaging in agency-to-agency discussions around specifics where Liska could represent the Brininstool + Lynch’s interests. Liska provided us with full fidelity designs in Photoshop, along with redline guides and interaction notes.