Custom Website Development Consultations, Services, and Project Scoping

Magento eCommerce: Custom eCommerce Solutions

Whether you've just decided to add e-commerce to your website, or want an easier-to-use, more powerful online store, we can build one for you in Magento that is 100% integrated with your website’s look and feel.

    Storefronts built with Magento can be customized to offer a user experience built to your exact specifications
    Check out processes, translated content, shipping methods, and marketing system integrations can all be custom-built for your unique Magento storefront
    Our team of developers are experts in building custom modules for your Magento site that can support custom maps, logins, various system integrations - anything your store needs, we can build.
    Magento’s API code makes it highly integratable. It's a simple process to connect your store with your marketing systems, CMS, CRM, and more.
    The amount of content is no problem - our content managers are experienced with implementing content displays in CMS and eCommerce websites.
    Once your website has been built, we have available resources to help you fully take control of your system.
    Our Technical Project Managers will help you communicate with our team of developers, strategize your development, and help you learn the admin capabilities of your website.
    Before launching your website, we pass it through a series of system checks to ensure that everything looks right and is working the way it should.

Marketing Systems Integrations

Today you have numerous online tools and resources available to you to maximize your marketing impact—email marketing, split testing, marketing automation, social widgets, and contextual personalization are just a few. We can integrate your website with platforms that give you the tools and data to achieve your marketing goals.

eCommerce Operations Integrations

eCommerce Operation Integrations are the tools used by online businesses to handle the nuances of digital transactions, including accounting, order processing, customer management, and production. There are various solutions for integrating with these systems that allow for the free update of your website while continuing to support the commercial processes in action behind the scenes.

    Post-order systems integrations include the ERP, accounting and middleware data transfer systems used to process orders, and can be integrated with your website to streamline post-order management.
    Customer Management integrations can be used to facilitate customer care and build your website's user experience.
    Our team of developers are thoroughly experienced in integrating a long list of various payment systems, as well as customizing them for the unique transaction process of your website.
Web strategy blueprint diagram 01

Web Strategy

A detailed blueprint is the key to a successful development project. In this strategic planning phase, we'll work with you to understand your goals and turn them into a smart, workable plan for development.

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Web Design

We know the right look and feel for your brand is critical. We can suggest one of our trusted design partners, work with your in-house team, or handle design directly. Our front-end developers offer UX and interaction guidance throughout.

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Web Development

At the heart of Bear Group lies our web development teams -- skilled senior developers, senior front-end developers, technical PMs, web operations experts, and everything else it takes to make sure your website looks the way you want and works the way it should.

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Web Support

We stand behind our work and our clients. From ongoing maintenance and support, additional projects, integrations, or upgrades of any size, we’ll keep everything running smoothly. 

Web Development is Part of Your Marketing Strategy.

As technology changes the internet and the internet influences consumer behavior, an increasing number of marketing leaders are turning to IT to develop their marketing strategies. In the digital age, maintaining your web presence is no longer a "one and done" task, but a consistent effort of maintenance - keeping up means staying up-to-date with the right marketing systems, website, and web design for your company.

A strong presence online is built on top of an interconnected foundation of digital marketing systems. Find out how you can improve your web strategy with up-to-date SEO, CRM, Email Marketing, and other marketing systems. Learn more.

Additional Services Offered by Bear Group


Ongoing support

We offer everything you need to keep your website running beautifully after launch - from maintenance, platform upgrades, and backups to a convenient support portal for ad-hoc requests.

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Development Teams

We provide dedicated development teams for clients working on complex Drupal or Magento implementations - a highly experienced team can accelerate your project.

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Responsive Mobile Design

Your customers spend more time viewing your website on a mobile device than a desktop. We can help adapt your site to be as powerful on a phone or tablet as it is on a computer.

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