eCommerce Platform Review

About WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an open source platform utilized by small, mid, and enterprise level business owners. Built as an eCommerce tool for Wordpress owners, WooCommerce offers merchants a flexible approach to eCommerce.

Website Creation With WooCommerce

As an open source system, WooCommerce is supportive of varying customization needs. Providing both an immediate, out-of-the-box solution for smaller businesses, as well as the ability to scale to your enterprise business needs, WooCommerce's flexibility mirrors Wordpress. It's dedicated security team and enormous online developer community means that WooCommerce technology is strongly supported, and will continue to be strongly supported.

Managing Your Website With WooCommerce

WooCommerce's admin user interface is relatively simple to use, with a straightforward, logical layout. Its capabilities, so far as managing your website, will depend on how it's customized. Because WooCommerce is open source, it's also supportive of custom integrations with additional, third-party tools.