Drupal Commerce

eCommerce Platform Review

About Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce is an open source eCommerce platform used mostly by enterprise level businesses with complex customization needs for their online storefront, and an additional website built with the Drupal CMS. While the Drupal CMS can be configured to support transactions, it can't be considered a strong eCommerce platform. Drupal Commerce was developed as a solution for merchants that needed a stronger transaction engine.

Website Creation With Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce is open source. For merchants that require an expansive, custom-branded storefront capable of supporting a unique checkout experience and multiple systems integrations, Drupal Commerce is a good solution for you. Although Drupal Commerce was built to provide a transaction engine to merchants who needed one in addition to their CMS, Drupal Commerce's open source build means that it can be integrated with other CMS systems as well.

Managing Your Website With Drupal Commerce

The Drupal Commerce admin experience varies based on how it's built. Like the Drupal CMS, Drupal Commerce's open source build allows merchants to customize their admin user interface. The Drupal admin interface is also known for having a relatively steep learning curve.