Content Management System Review

About Wordpress

By the far the most popular CMS platform, half of the websites currently online are built with Wordpress (Builtwith), Wordpress's CMS platform is flexible enough to handle the customization of enterprise-level marketing strategies, and simple enough to spin up free blogs in just a few minutes. Here's a rundown of what you can expect from Wordpress.

Website Creation With Wordpress

Wordpress is both an SMB and Enterprise level platform, dominantly used by technology, business, and education verticals. Depending on your approach, annual licensing costs are either free, or amount to very little. Wordpress is under an open source license. It's codebase is PHP–it has no framework–and it can integrate with other third-party tech using plugins from Wordpress or custom-made plugins. Backed by a dedicated security team and enormous developer community, Wordpress is constantly being updated. Based on the size of the developer community–and, of course, the success of the platform–we expect Wordpress technology to last.

Managing Your Website With Wordpress

The most appealing draw for Wordpress is it's ease of management. Wordpress's in-line editing capability and other features have set the standard by which many other CMS's model their own editing experience. For creating, publishing, and managing content, Wordpress is an excellent platform. However, because of it's layout the more complex your marketing strategy the more complex management can become. Wordpress shines brightest in simple content management tasks, but when used to create customized user experiences or manage advanced integration points, it can become difficult to implement from the back-end.

Guide to Evaluating CMS Platforms

See how to evaluate CMS platforms–including Drupal, Wordpress, Adobe Experience Manager, Craft, Episerver, and others–based on their codebase, integration capability, licensing costs, and required coding skill. Look beyond the surface-level feature sets and make a more accurate selection when choosing the best CMS for your business.