Content Management System Review

About Craft

Craft boasts an impressive clientele, including brands like Netflix, Salesforce, and Oakley. Known for its ease of management, Craft is an excellent CMS for an ambitious content marketing strategy.

Website Creation With Craft

Dominantly used by smaller businesses, Craft offers a PHP codebase (Yii Framework) under a proprietary license. Craft's annual licensing costs are minimal, which, combined with its administrative simplicity, make it an appealing system to businesses who need a website predominantly for publishing content. Craft is supportive of integrations via plugins, and is supported by a relatively small developer community. Internally, Craft also has a dedicated security team.

Managing Your Website With Craft

Although Craft's administrative capabilities are easy to navigate, under the hand of an experienced developer, Craft has the potential for unique content creation. However, even without development resources Craft can support the content marketing efforts of a novice web administrator.

Guide to Evaluating CMS Platforms

See how to evaluate CMS platforms–including Drupal, Wordpress, Adobe Experience Manager, Craft, Episerver, and others–based on their codebase, integration capability, licensing costs, and required coding skill. Look beyond the surface-level feature sets and make a more accurate selection when choosing the best CMS for your business.