Our Approach to Website Development

No Surprises

Our approach is grounded in strong, transparent communication and a deep respect for our clients. You’ll always get our best council, and we’ll always act in your best interest. We work hard to demystify the web development process and ensure you’re with us at every step. 

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The Bear Group development process

From initial project scoping to guided QA, to final launch, and ongoing development, find out how our web development team will work with you throughout every step of your project.

Scoping & Kickoff

Before we dive in, we learn what makes your company tick and how we can help you realize your broader goals for your website. Your technical project manager will begin regular check-ins with you and your team so you always know where your project stands. 

Design / UX

We work closely with design partners and internal design teams to provide feedback on the feasibility and cost of planned features during the design / UX phase of your project — helping your project stay on schedule and within budget.

Site Building

This is where we hit full stride. We’ll put a development and staging server in place so you can watch the website take shape. The engineering team then sets to work coding the project to plan—responsive theme development, page layouts, menus, UX, and other interactive elements. 

Custom Development

With the content management system components in place, we’ll migrate content and get you access to work on pages as we build out custom UX elements and connect any third-party extensions and integrations.

Last 10% & Go Live

In the final 10% before launch, we’ll do front-end polish, training, documentation, user acceptance testing, and analytics set up. Then, once you’re ready, we’ll pick a day to launch your new website!

Post-Launch Support

Launching your website is just the beginning. After your site goes live, you may choose to join Run State, our post-launch maintenance program, to get proactive, reliable support from our team. 

Who will I be working with?

  • Technical Project Manager: Your main point of contact, helps to keep your project on schedule and within budget.

  • Solutions Architect: Helps you navigate the tech landscape and evaluate the best course of action.

  • Senior Developer: Draws on extensive experience to deliver elegant custom code.

  • Front-End Developer: Brings your designs to life and ensures the UX is exactly how you want it.

  • Web Operations Specialist: Ensures a completely safe, secure environment from initial build to launch.

  • Content Manager: Manages the heavy lifting of your website content migration.

  • QA Specialist: Conducts thorough testing to ensure everything looks and works the way it should.

Get Started with an Expert Development Team

With Bear Group, you’ll get an expert development team who communicates transparently, listens intently, and delivers quality code capable of moving your website vision forward.

We’ll make sure your website works beautifully, is simple to use, and will continue to serve you for years to come. Get started today by reaching out.