Web Design

Designing Website Layout, Navigation, and UX

Web design is a crucial part of your digital presence, and it's often where a lot of marketers begin their efforts when tackling their website. 

Although web design is always a topic of discussion in every web development project conversation we have, our agency has chosen not to have our own in-house design team. Like any art form, web design can be incredibly varied and we like to present our clients with options. Every brand style is different, just as every web designer is different. Instead of introducing clients to a single designer style - our own - we like to foster close relationships with great designers that we can instead refer our clients to.

We respect the expertise and artistry of web designers, and do our best to support the technical implementation of their vision. 

Web Design is An Art Form

Although our front-end developers are capable of designing websites, we've found that website projects are most successful when each member of project team is able to focus exclusively on their area of expertise. 

Support For In-House Designers

A in-house web designer is often the best authority on what your website should look like. More than our own web development team could possibly have, your designer possesses a familiarity with your brand.

How We Partner With Design Teams

More Web Designers To Choose From

If you would like our team to refer a web designer to you, we have a list of designers on hand that have worked with our team in the past to create beautiful, custom-branded layouts. Some of the designers we frequently work with include Turnstyle Studio, Design Hovie Studios, and Fell Swoop – to name a few. 

Web Designers and Front-End Developers

Once your design has been created, our front-end developers then step in at that point to ensure that the design and the functional UX of your website are well aligned. 

Architects and Builders

As web developers, we depend on the vision and direction of web designers to know exactly what to build. Our team's expertise is in the technical, largely unseen aspects of your website. But what your users see and what they come to associate your brand with is the website created by your designer. 

Since Bear Group's early beginnings, we've always been aware of the importance of web designers and have always made an effort to maintain close relationships with design agencies.