A/B Testing (Split Testing) Tools

Custom Marketing Integrations

Split testing (also called A/B testing or multivariate testing) helps you maximize conversion by testing user response to different versions of your content, layout, and design elements. There are a number of ways to implement split tests – Drupal makes it easy to clone a page and set up two variations on unique URLs. 

There are modules that can help with setting up two variations of a page and split traffic to each, however, they are missing the strong reporting that is the point of testing. We usually steer clients to Google Analytics Experiments to handle the splitting of pages, or Adobe Target. We have also implemented Visual Website Optimizer, which provides more client-side rendering control. This is an area of research and growth for us, as we have many clients interested in continual testing and optimization of their sites.


Digital Marketing Systems Integration

  • Optimizely

    Stop limiting your testing to a single screen, Optimizely helps you configure your A/B testing for any browser experience. Optimizely is built from the understanding that different web devices impact the user experience of your clients and helps you understand exactly what is successful across specific mediums. 

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  • Visual Website Optimizer

    With the claim of being the world's easiest A/B testing software, Visual Website Optimizer gears itself towards a system that is both easy to operate and understand. For a low price, Visual Website Optimizer offers, in addition to testing, user feedback, analytics, and customizable software for better personalization.

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  • Adobe Analytics

    Adobe Analytics is a multivariate system built for streamlining the testing process. It enables you, the user, to not only understand your client's responses more accurately but also to assist you in determining the best way to respond to them.

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  • Google Analytics

    Harness the power of the most widely used internet search engine to develop a better understanding of your customer's web experience. Content Experiments, developed by Google Analytics, can test up to ten versions of landing pages instead of the typical two.

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