Our Experience With YouTube

Now the dominant provider of video content on the web and the second most used search engine, YouTube processes over three billion views a month. As of 2015, YouTube is the third most visited website worldwide.

By far the most common use for a YouTube integration is the embed code feature. All pages in Drupal support the ability to add video, so that the video is hosted on Youtube but the user watches the video on the company domain. YouTube provides free hosting and streaming of your video content, something that would’ve required quite a bit of expense and setup in the past.

We’ve also done more complicated implementations with video as part of image carousels, product pages, and as full backgrounds with a simple admin user interface for adding the video ID. For example, on Domu landlords can add YouTube videos to the main carousel of images for their apartment listings.

The Benefits

  • Google Adwords for Video: You can manage your video ads through Google Adwords’ TrueView. TrueView offers analytics data and segmentation unique to video viewing experiences and, outside of YouTube, your video ad will be featured in areas on the web connected to the Google Adwords network.

  • Video Ads on YouTube: YouTube provides a variety of ways to feature your video ads on their website, from masthead banners posted across the top of their homepage to smaller, thirty second ads that play before videos. You can customize options like geographic areas, URLs for CTAs, and other demographic details specific to your target audience.

  • Integration With Your Website: YouTube maintains an incredibly robust API that allows you to easily integrate the platform with your other digital marketing tools. You can integrate YouTube analytics with your CRM, embed a YouTube subscription button directly on your website, or add a custom display of YouTube video content to your website.

  • Creating a Channel for Your Business: Your presence on YouTube is represented by your channel which displays your activity. You can create a YouTube channel for your business by using your company’s Google+ page to populate your channel’s information. This also creates a link between your company’s YouTube and Google+ accounts.

  • YouTube Retargeting: There are audience targeting options unique to YouTube, such as segmenting users based on whether they comment, share, or subscribe to your channel. This allows you to control how viewers can interact with your videos. For example, you may segment your audience in such a way that only viewers who have seen a certain video of yours can watch a sequel video, making your viewers watch your videos in sequential order.

  • Card Polls: YouTube offers a card feature which displays poll options on your video, letting your viewer interact with your video content.

When Do We Recommend YouTube

Like maintaining your company’s presence on any social media account, having an account or publishing content on YouTube is just a good SEO practice. Whether you decide to take advantage of YouTube itself as an ad publishing platform or simply embed a YouTube icon on your website, maintaining a YouTube presence is a step toward making sure your brand is fully represented.