Our Experience With Twitter

After Twitter’s launch in 2006 it has grown as one of the largest social platforms on the internet, with an average of 332 million active accounts and an estimated billion search queries daily.

In 2010 Twitter made significant usage changes, like the ability to reference other users with @reference, retweet posts, and view images and videos without leaving the Twitter platform. In 2014 Twitter announced its intent to acquire Namo Media in order to develop native advertising for mobile devices.

Interestingly enough, Twitter has been used by most companies as a customer service tool. Most of our customers have at the minimum, a link to their Twitter on their sites. We’ve also done many API integrations with Twitter to dynamically pull feeds and re-publish data. Some interesting ones can be seen on Oiselle, Seattle Chocolates, Worldvision, and KCTS9.

The Benefits

  • Custom Plugins: You can build custom plugins to incorporate Twitter on your website. For example, pulling in images based off of hashtags and displaying them on your website.

  • Covered On All Searches: It’s common for companies to buy Twitter handles so that they’re covered on all searches. Even if you only use your main handle to post, owning Twitter handles that interested users are likely to search will help you be found.

  • Build Apps: You can build apps with Twitter, using their Fabric system (see more information here), pulling in audience insight for your website.

  • Functionality Options: You can expand Twitter’s functionality beyond embedding a link on your website. For example, you can choose to embed Follow buttons directly on your website.

  • Twitter Cards: You can use Twitter Cards to attach media, images, and videos to tweets that include links to your website. By including a few simple lines of HTML to your web page, whenever a user tweets a link to that page your chosen media will be attached to that tweet.

  • Analytics: Install analytics codes on your website from twitter to bring in more insight about what the traffic to and from Twitter does.You can look at Twitter activity, and register which of your tweets gained the most engagements, clicks, and retweets.

  • Embed Remarketing Pixels: By using remarketing with Twitter, you can track anyone coming to your site that has a twitter handle and serve ads on Twitter specific to what they were looking at on your website.

When Do We Recommend Twitter

Most companies believe that promoting content on social channels is really only beneficial if content is their product. However, Twitter can offer businesses more than just a front-end experience of posting and retweeting to build awareness and generate leads.

While some companies have found Twitter more valuable than others, marketing through Twitter has become an incredibly popular strategy and has been widely adopted by B2B and B2C companies alike. Twitter’s versatility and ease-of-use makes it one of the best channels for direct communication between brand and consumer.