Our Experience With Tagboard

Tagboard is a service that combs through social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Vine) and allows you to select and display posts where your brand is optimally represented. Tagboard takes social media marketing a step forward by speaking to your audience using their own words and images. Tagboard also provides a wide variety of ways for you to feature your curated posts, with out-of-the-box display options as well as an easily customizable system for even more unique integrations.

Tagboard can be implemented in a couple ways. They have a “drop-in” widget that works pretty well for basic sites. We have also developed an integration with the Tagboard API and Drupal, so the curated Tagboard posts can be stored as Drupal entities, giving clients full control of the look and feel.

The Benefits

  • Up-to-Date: Tagboard will automatically keep your display, or feed, up-to-date by only showing content younger than two months old.

  • Analytics: Tagboard offers an analytics service that can track up to two weeks of interaction at a time, helping you determine which types of social posts have had the most success and allowing you to adjust your selection process for optimal brand representation.

  • Google Chrome Plugin: With the Chrome plugin, you can directly add social posts that you come across to your Tagboard. You aren’t limited to the content found and shown in the Tagboard interface.

  • Facebook Page Tab: Tagboard offers an app specific to Facebook which will appear as a tab on your page that users can click on to browse through any social content on your Tagboard.

  • Benefits for Drupal Admin: With Tagboard, you can pull in a custom XML feed that can be used in a custom Drupal module–saving development time creating a custom Tagboard display for your Drupal website.

  • Tagboard Live Templates: Although you can customize Tagboard to display content however you would like, Tagboard offers a wide variety of templates that you can customize yourself through a simple user interface, featuring content as loudly or as subtly as your website needs.

  • Enterprise Embeds: Tagboard features an easy embed process for adding their system to your site. However, you’ll have to purchase a higher-level account to be able to embed a highly custom version of Tagboard.

  • Have Multiple Tagboards: You can add and embed multiple Tagboards, maintaining different boards with social posts that feature different hashtags.

When Do We Recommend Tagboard

The ability to maintain multiple Tagboards–add to them, edit their content, set a particular hashtag to search for–simplifies the process of social media curation–in a lot of ways, it’s similar to the ease of Pinterest (but on your own site). Tagboard is simple to embed and customize, and particularly beneficial to marketers looking for a new way to include social activity into their main sites.