Our Experience With Olapic

Olapic searches through social media platforms to find posts featuring your brand, allowing you to collect and publish user-generated content. You can pick from the collected social posts, manage permissions, and track campaign analytics with Olapic. Oiselle, Unilever, L’Oreal, and Columbia Sportswear are currently using Olapic as part of their digital marketing.

Our work integrating Olapic with a client’s website involves setting up embeddable widgets, and then theming those embeds to match the rest of the website. In our previous work, we have highly customized the CSS (style) of the embedded image widgets from Olapic. (Here’s a look at what our client, Oiselle, has done with their Olapic integration.)

The Benefits

  • Intuitive Cross-Channel Collection: Olapic collects social media posts over a wide-range of platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram) that matches your brand specifications. It makes selections based on user, source, post subject, and caption. The longer you use Olapic, the more it learns from your curation about the kind of posts it should be looking for.

  • Curation Assistance: Olapic’s algorithm, Photorank, helps you choose which social media posts best display your brand and are most likely to drive interaction. Olapic’s Photosafe also helps weed out any posts that display off-brand or explicit content.

  • Analytics: Olapic helps you measure the impact of your curated content by looking at customer engagement.

  • Versatile Integration: Olapic isn’t just limited to displaying content on static web pages, there are many additional ways you can implement it, such as featuring curated content in your email sends or embedding a feed within your website.

  • Manage Permissions: Olapic automatically sends a message requesting permission rights from the original user, giving you the ability to customize the message content.

When Do We Recommend Olapic

Olapic’s flexibility, intuitive curation, and cross-channel data collection offers a great way for businesses to stay informed about how their brand is being represented. It’s not inexpensive, but it does bring some unique capabilities to your digital marketing. It also provides a chance for interaction and optimization, working directly with your best ambassadors (your customers) to use their authenticity to market your brand.