Our Experience With Google+

Google+ is Google’s fourth attempt to break into the social networking landscape with their own platform. Since launching 2011, Google+ has moved away from being a social network and has focused on providing a social connection across different Google services.

We haven’t done the same level of Google+ API or widget integration work as we have with other social channels, and this is largely due to its lack of popularity. However, we have often added the Google+ social link to the footers and headers of websites allowing users to cross between a company’s main domain and their Google+ page.

The Benefits

  • Google + Collections: You can group posts you publish on the Google+ platform into “Collections,” sections organized by topic that will make it easier to navigate content.

  • Embeddable Buttons: You can embed Google+ buttons on your website to make your content easily shareable by users.

  • Login with Google+: You can create a Google+ login option for your users, allowing them to create an account or login with the information on their Google+ page. This provides an easier login process for your users and an opportunity to collect user data from their Google+ account.

  • Enable Better Sharing: Configure your page with code provided by Google+ so that when others share your URL, an image and snippet description are also displayed.

  • Interactive Posts: Interactive posts are similar to basic shared posts, except that they also feature a CTA button. If a user shares a link to a particular page on your website, like an event page, then the post can feature a button that invites them to register for that same event. These buttons can also be used to drive retail by redirecting users to a particular product page.

When Do We Recommend Google+

The main appeal of Google+ is its connection to the Google network. Having a Google+ account will support your company’s SEO and is a good way to direct web traffic. In addition to the benefits we have listed above, there are also many custom options available for integrating Google+ with your digital strategy.