Social Media Marketing Tools

Custom Website Integrations

Beyond integrating your social media platforms with your website, we've also done more elaborate integrations using software such as Olapic, which takes curated social posts and displays them on your product pages, or Facebook games that use the Magento® API connection for inventory management.

There's no limit to how you can integrate social media with your website, or how it can be implemented with your digital marketing strategy. Additionally, our team can provide you with a custom solution that allows you to include your social media however you need to in order to further your outreach and grow your digital marketing campaign. 

Digital Marketing Systems Integration

  • Tagboard

    Use Tagboard to keep track of your brand's web presence as well as user commentary, while taking advantage of authentic, user-generated content to advertise your brand. Tagboard combs through social platforms looking for hashtags that mention your brand name, pulling them into an easy user interface that allows you to curate and display social posts. Tagboard's easy customization ability allows for the creation of unique, dynamic displays.

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  • Olapic

    Olapic is a great way to compile user generated content from a wide variety of social platforms. Olapic allows you to curate user-generated content and select the best to feature on your website. Not only can you track the reception of your brand across multiple social platforms, but you can take advantage of the positive reception your brand has been receiving online. 

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  • YouTube

    As the second largest search engine, YouTube offers one of the best platforms for search engine optimization. The video content featured on the website is a dynamic way of keeping website users engaged and returning.  

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  • Pinterest

    For eCommerce websites, having a Pinterest strategy is a must. Pinterest's unique image search engine interacts with Google's search engine, providing a more comprehensive system of search engine optimization. Pinterest's link-heavy system directs web traffic towards your website while it's image laden interface builds brand recognition.

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  • Instagram

    Instagram is the reigning social platform for photo sharing. It also offers a strong API, allowing developers to build on the Instagram infrastructure and create systems enabling marketers to better understand their audience. Instagram integrations have a lot of potential for user-generated content. 

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  • LinkedIn

    For B2B, networking, and recruiting websites, LinkedIn integrations can result in major wins. LinkedIn offers you the ability to reach out to consumers on a professionally-styled platform; it represents the firm handshake of social media marketing. 

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  • Facebook

    Facebook is the backbone of many social media strategies. Integrations from photos and apps to account authentication have become the norm, and Facebook's highly communicative design allows consumers to assist with marketing your brand. 

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  • Twitter

    As more companies are using Twitter to engage with their consumers, the need for strong website integration has increased. Twitter developers have created a variety of widgets, enabling companies to embed Twitter content within their websites. 

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