Bear Group’s Experience with Adobe Target

Adobe Target, a feature of Adobe Marketing Cloud, allows admin to run A/B and multivariate tests on their website.

Setting up testing on your website is simple. Once you’ve signed into Adobe Marketing Cloud, you take a snippet of provided code and drop it into the specific webpage you are testing. From that point, Adobe Target guides you through the process of customizing your test.

The Benefits

  • Easy User Interface: Adobe Target provides a simple user interface from which you can create new tests as well as monitor tests that are currently running.

  • Testing Customization: Create new versions of the webpage you wish to test by entering in your webpage URL. Adobe Target then displays your page within their Visual Experience Composer, allowing you to make design changes easily with drag-and-drop and simple image modification tools.

  • A/B Testing: You can specify who experiences your test and when it runs on your website. Adobe Target also has an automation option which will anticipate user’s needs to serve them the version of your webpage with the highest potential.

  • Multivariate Testing: Unlike A/B testing, multivariate testing allows you to measure responses to several design elements at once.

  • Mobile Testing: Adobe Target also includes tools for testing user response from a mobile perspective of your website, as well.

When We Recommend Adobe Target

Split testing is an incredibly useful tool, and definitely one of the more popular tools of choice amongst marketing teams. If you need insight on how your web design could be performing better and would like to take a hands-on, data-centered approach, we recommend considering split testing.