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Custom Marketing Integrations

When users visit your website, you already know a lot about them. Among other things, you know what they searched for to get to you, where they are located, and (within a couple clicks) what they're looking for. Armed with rich information and online tools, you have the opportunity to strengthen brand loyalty and drive sales by customizing the experience for them.

There are easy ways within the Drupal CMS to make use of context to personalize content, and there are also third-party tools such as Adobe Test & Target. We can talk you through the advantages of each, depending on how you want to customize. There is a wide range of customization options, both overt and behind the scenes. For example, you might do something as simple as asking for your visitors’ birthdays and sending them a promotion on that day. Or you might do something more complex, such as serving up recommendations and promotions based on visitors’ searches or location. A good example of this is an airline setting the flight search using your location as the origin, and only showing you relevant offers.

In any case, it’s never been so possible to serve up just the right content at the right time.

Digital Marketing Systems Integration

  • Drupal CMS

    The Drupal CMS is the ultimate tool in designing contextual personalization. The simple user interface is malleable enough to adapt itself to any design and shape itself around the personal preferences of your consumers. 

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  • Adobe Target

    Say the right words at the perfect time with Adobe Test & Target software. Through a combination of multivariable testing and targeting self-assessment, Adobe will help you determine the optimal customer response for your website and what you need to do, specifically, to improve. 

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