Used by Shopify, Lyft, Kickstarter, Warby Parker, and Facebook, Stripe is a flexible payment system provider. Stripe can be customized to fit a variety of payment plans, including subscription, eCommerce stores, and donations. Stripe provides a developer-friendly API for easy integration and customization, as well as plugins for Drupal, Magento®, and many other platforms.

The Benefits of Integrating Stripe Payments

  • From Anywhere: Stripe can handle foreign currency transactions, and offers payment gateways for both mobile and desktop users.

  • Custom Payments: Stripe focuses on maintaining software code that’s as cleanly built as possible, and update it consistently. This enables custom integrations as well as an expedient integration process.

  • Server Security: Integrating Stripe with your website means that payments aren’t being processed through your server.

  • PCI Compliant: Stripe is, of course, PCI compliant. For you, this means Stripe is responsible for the security of their service and correct handling of payment data. (It does not fully absolve merchants from PCI compliance rules, but puts you into a lower risk category).

  • Tokenized Payments: For more secure payment transactions, Stripe offers tokenized payments.

  • Payment Support: In addition to accepting major credit cards, Stripe can also process payments made directly from banks, debit cards, wallet apps and Apple Pay.

  • Managing Subscriptions: Stripe is an excellent tool for managing subscriptions (it is what our custom Drupal module does). It has a good admin interface for setting up subscription types and managing customers. These are all accessible from the API, so customers can update payment details, manage subscriptions, cancellations directly via a profile on your site. This is not “out of the box” but with an API integration your web system can be handling subscriptions for customers.

  • Accounting Integration: In addition to integrating Stripe’s payment software with your website, you can also integrate it with any other accounting software you use. Stripe will update your accounting software with any new data, saving you the hassle of migrating that information yourself.

Our Experience

We have extensive experience working with Stripe, particularly with integrating Stripe with Drupal, and have built our own Stripe integration module for Drupal. For reasons of security and management, we often recommend using Stripe to mediate your website’s payment transactions. There is a fee per transaction to use the service charged to you, and they hold your funds for 2+ days. However, you will not need a merchant account or other payment gateway. For many merchants, Stripe can be fitted to match your business transaction needs, making it one of the most versatile payment platforms available.