Gravity Payments is a payment gateway service that securely processes credit card payments. In addition to Gravity Payments’ focus on credit cards, it also handles POS and mobile payments.

The Benefits of Integrating Gravity Payments

  • Credit Card Processing: Gravity Payments’ credit card processing software can integrate both with website platforms and POS payment hardware. This software is supportive of CNP payments as well as mobile payments.

  • Flexible API: Gravity Payments has an assortment of API’s that can be used for your specific website, as well as developer tools for any additional customization needed.

  • Complete Security: Like other payment gateways, Gravity Payments is PCI compliant, protecting your customer’s secure financial information on their own secure servers.

  • Customer Analytics: You can use Gravity Payments’ provided analytics tool to track transactions. Or, if you already have your own analytics or accounting systems, you can integrate them with Gravity Payments in order to manage and track data.

  • Scalable: Gravity Payments provides a scalable solution that can help you tailor your payment systems to an expanding business.

  • Simple User Interface: Manage each of your payment systems from the same user interface, tracking transactions from multiple locations in a singular location.

  • Gift Card and Loyalty Programs: You can manage gift cards and create loyalty programs–sales, coupons–using Gravity Payments to personalize and distribute them to targeted leads or past customers.

Our Experience

We recommend Gravity Payments to any omni-channel business looking to integrate an easily manageable payment gateway on their eCommerce website, mobile app, or install on their POS hardware. There are existing integrations with Magento® and Gravity that can be leveraged to connect to this payment processor. And although transactions occur on their servers, Gravity Payments can be customized on your own website to create a seamless checkout flow.