Originally called Merchant Warehouse, Cayan is a payment gateway provider for online transactions. Founded in 1998, Cayan has evolved to develop support for changing transaction processes, and now offers gift card processing and point of sale support–two of the biggest draws for many of our Magento clients. Cayan provides an API which can be used to integrate the payment gateway with your website, creating a seamless checkout experience for users. Managing Cayan is done through the system’s merchant panel, which can be used to manage transactions.

The Benefits of Integrating Cayan

  • Omni-Channel Management: Whether it’s a purchase made in-store or online, Cayan provides multi-channel support to ensure that you can offer customer touch points wherever your customer is most comfortable. This also means that although purchases are being made from a number of different locations, you can observe those transactions from a single user interface.

  • Custom Checkouts: Build the checkout flow your business needs, adding additional shopping benefits to your consumers such as gift card processing, coupons, or sale codes.

  • API Integration: You can integrate Cayan with your website as well as any other third-party tools, such as your CRM, ERP, or accounting software.

  • Updated for the Future: Because Cayan is a cloud-based software, updates made to your system are delivered via Cayan’s cloud connection, updating all of your transaction systems at the same time.

  • PCI Secure: Cayan is PCI compliant, and manages your customer’s sensitive financial information on their secure servers.

Our Experience

Cayan is a convenient tool for merchants that want to provide a range of shopping opportunities for their consumers. It’s a good choice for merchants that also manage physical stores in need of a point-of-sale solution that integrates seamlessly with their online presence. Processing transactions through a single provider is very helpful for certain circumstances–if a customer purchases a gift card online that they then want to use at a store, for example. It’s user interface allows each of those different transactions to be monitored and managed from a single location. We highly recommend Cayan for merchants that need a simple tool for managing point of sale transactions and gift card support.