Braintree is a web payment service that specializes in integrating with eCommerce platforms. Founded in 2007, Braintree was later acquired by Paypal in 2013 and became a Paypal subsidiary company. Braintree offers an expansive set of features that makes it an easily manageable payment integration tool for website admin.

The Benefits of Integrating Braintree

  • Global Payment Support: Braintree assists with presentment, settlement, and fraud protection. Additionally, when a customer pays in their own currency and then pays out in your domestic currency, Braintree settles the rate 1% in your favor. Braintree does not charge for foreign exchange.

  • Customize Your Check-Out: Braintree provides the tools to allow you to customize your checkout for whatever type of payment transaction you need on your website. Donations, single transactions, subscriptions–Braintree can be built to support it.

  • Data Migrations: Braintree offers data portability, allowing admin to migrate their data in and out of their system as they choose. This means that full control of your data stays with you.

  • Updates Without Pause: As far as keeping your payment processes up-to-date, Braintree balances maintenance with real-time transactions, meaning that you never have to worry about pausing your system in order to update.

  • PCI Compliant: Braintree maintains PCI compliance, and payments (including all payment forms) process through their servers, not yours, putting you in a lower risk category for PCI compliance.

  • Tokenized Payments: Tokenized payments allow you to store a token that represents your customer’s payment data, without storing their sensitive payment information. Braintree passes along a token to you, encrypting your customer’s payment data.

  • Testing: You can run tests from Braintree’s user interface, allowing you to see how your checkout flow and payment processes work.

  • Hosted Fields: Braintree provides frames that can replace sensitive information inputs–like credit or debit card data–to create an even more secure checkout process for your customers.

Our Experience

We’ve worked with both Braintree and it’s parent company, Paypal, in the past and have integrated both for a number of clients. Like most web payment services, Braintree is secure, integratable, and customizable. For merchants–similar to Paypal, Stripe, Amazon Payments and others–Braintree serves as your merchant bank, and you do not need other gateways. They charge per transaction, and typically hold funds for 2+ days before transferring to your bank account. Backed by the experience of Paypal and consistently improved over the years, Braintree simplifies the process of managing and designing checkout flows on websites.