As the largest online retailer in North America, Amazon is a brand name online consumers know and trust. Since 2013, the Amazon team has worked to extend that same eCommerce brand recognition to other merchants, providing their own software as a payment gateway. Amazon provides extensions for a number of leading eCommerce platforms, such as WooCommerce, Recurly, and Magento®.

The Benefits of Integrating Amazon Pay

  • Simple Setup: Setting up Amazon Pay on your Magento site was built to be as painless as possible for merchants. You simply add the module to your Magento installation, and walk through a simple setup process that creates and connects your Amazon Pay account.

  • Utilize Amazon Accounts: A huge benefit for your customers, is once they select “Pay with Amazon” at checkout, all of their stored Amazon shipping addresses and stored payment methods are available in your store. This speeds up checkout to just a few clicks.

  • Seamless Experience: Although Amazon Pay uses Amazon servers, your consumer completes their checkout on your website throughout the entire process. This is done using embedded checkout widgets to maintain security.

  • Pricing: Amazon Pay works similar to Paypal, Stripe, Braintree and others, serving as your merchant bank, with fees per transaction.

  • Data Access: Although Amazon Pay leverages its own data, customer records are created in Magento if desired, so you have access to your customers’ general information.

Our Experience

We worked with the Amazon Pay team on the construction of their Amazon Pay extension for the Magento Commerce platform. Having built the extension ourselves, we’re familiar with integrating it on Magento eCommerce sites to create a seamless, secure shopping experience for consumers.

Amazon Pay is a secure and simple way for Magento merchants to manage a convenient payment gateway. Similar to Paypal, it is often used by merchants as a secondary payment method for their customers.Not only does Amazon Pay make the checkout process simple for your users, but it simplifies the setup, security and management of an eCommerce system.