Our Experience with MindBody

MindBody is an event registration system that focuses on managing the registration of small, frequently occurring classes. Often, it’s used by yoga, dance, or workout establishments (which is most likely where the brand name “MindBody” originated from). Users of MindBody typically are drawn to its ability to easily mediate the registration of smaller-scale classes.

MindBody is integration light, and like other event management systems, we typically build a landing page for event info on the client’s website which then directs the user to a registration page in MindBody itself.

The Benefits

  • Updated Schedule: You can feature a schedule of your events on your website that responds to any updates made on the MindBody website, allowing users on your website to keep track of your events.

  • Facebook Tabs: You can use MindBody’s Appointment Booker App on Facebook to add a schedule tab to your Facebook page.

  • Seamless Navigation: Although your event is controlled on the MindBody website, you can create a custom link that redirects your user to your event page.

  • Email Contact: MindBody can help you send emails to your recipients with more personalized outreach. For example, if a prior attendee hasn’t returned to an event after an amount of time, you can send them a “We miss you” type of email.

  • SMS Reminders: You can send automated reminders to attendee’s who have registered for specific events, reminding them of the date and location of the event they’ve signed up for.

  • Discount and Gift Card Offers: You can create Gift Card offers within MindBody as special offers for your attendees in order to generate a higher attendance to your event.

  • Auto-Billing: If you have a particular event that occurs regularly, like a class that’s hosted weekly, you can make automated transactions an option for regular attendees.

  • Client Information: MindBody saves the information from your attendees that you collected at the point of registration, showing you their complete history and allowing you to access that information in the future.

  • Manage User Accounts: If you have volunteers or teachers that are running the event, you can control how much access they have to the event’s details, like the ability to adjust a schedule or access to the list of attendees.

When Do We Recommend MindBody

MindBody’s feature set is mainly geared towards managing classes, recurring events like weekly tutorials or exercise classes. We have recommended MindBody on many occasions for dance studios, yoga studios, or really any business looking to manage multiple, classes or events.