Event Management & Event Registration Systems

MarTech Integrations

We typically implement calendar and event pages within the Content Management System (CMS) and then link to the registration page in an event system for the transaction. This type of loose coupling between systems reduces dependencies and lets the client migrate between the two systems more easily. We have tied into EventBrite, Acteva, Cvent, eTouches, Mind/Body, and CiviCRM, helping you and your marketing team create memorable events from beginning to end.

See for yourself how we assisted Tableau with their Cvent system integration. 

Digital Marketing Systems Integration

  • CiviCRM

    Few event management systems come with a reputation as professional as that of CiviCRM. Easily design your event pages using a simple template system featuring malleable design capabilities. CiviCRM also incorporates an alert system, keeping your event attendees up to date with the latest developments.

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  • Cvent

    Cvent's event management system offers a platform broad enough to organize the tasks of your event throughout its entire lifecycle. In one system, coordinate your venues, event registration, marketing, social media, and analytics. Cvent is a more complete event management system for marketers.

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  • Eventbrite

    There are few event management platforms geared towards creating an experience as aesthetically pleasing as the experience Eventbrite manages to deliver. Eventbrite's system is incredibly easy to use, and offers a platform for creating your event page, promoting your event, and managing hosting tasks.

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