Webgility is middleware platform that processes information between a merchant’s eCommerce platform and several leading accounting and shipping systems. The latest version is a hosted application called Unify, formerly known as ECC. The primary use for Webgility for our clients has been integration between Quickbooks and Magento®. Webgility takes order information submitted through Magento, and passes the data through its systems, to accounting or fulfillment systems for post-order processing.

Integrating Webgility

For users of Quickbooks and ECC/Unify software, Webgility is a valuable integration. Webgility provides written plugins for most eCommerce platforms, making the actual integration work fairly simple. The latest for Magento simply requires a REST API user to be created, that the Webgility software can communicate over. While a majority of accounting systems are closed, Webgillity provides a user interface for working with orders and processing them into an

Our Experience

We have experience successfully integrating Webgility with Magento. Our clients use it daily to pull orders from the Magento system and push them into their Quickbooks and shipping carriers. It passes order status updates and triggers shipping confirmation emails once an order is complete. Creating a seamless, no-touch process for merchants and customers to handle the post-order processing and accounting.