QuickBooks is an accounting software generally preferred by small to mid-range businesses, and manages between 80% to 85% of the accounting market. Developed by Intuit, QuickBooks has been around since 1983, first as a desktop application and then online. It features a suite of offerings that can be used to manage inventory and all accounting aspects of running an active business.

Integrating QuickBooks

Integrating accounting software with an eCommerce website can be extremely beneficial, especially when mediating a high influx of accounting information generated by the frequency of online orders.

QuickBooks, like most accounting software, is a relatively closed system. In order to leverage your data, we often connect it using a middleware from Webgility called ECC rather than trying to write an API to connect with QuickBooks directly. This middleware sits between your eCommerce website and QuickBooks software, accepting and translating data between the two systems.

Our Experience

We have successfully integrated QuickBooks with Magento® eCommerce for a number of clients, especially our mid-sized merchants. The process involves setting up the middleware and then mapping between eCommerce order fields and your chart of accounts. Once in place, it runs in an automated fashion on a daily or more frequent basis.