Microsoft Dynamics GP is an ERP system developed by Microsoft for small to mid-size businesses. Designed specifically to cater to the flexible needs of a growing company, Microsoft Dynamics GP helps streamline the day-to-day operations and business processes.

Integrating Microsoft Dynamics GP

Extensions have been released that make eCommerce and Microsoft Dynamics integrations a simple process. In the Magento® community, for example, modules exist to connect these systems, passing on significant savings to merchants.

Additionally, for more custom integration solutions there are various middlewares that provide an interpretation layer between the Microsoft Dynamics GP system and the eCommerce site.

Our Experience With Microsoft Dynamics GP

We’ve successfully integrated Microsoft Dynamics GP with Magento eCommerce a number of times over the years for clients who managed an inventory of purely digital goods and high-volume transactions. For example, we have successfully integrated Microsoft Dynamics GP with Magento eCommerce for our client, Chihuly. We connected Chihuly’s Magento eCommerce platform and Microsoft Dynamics GP through the middleware S Connect. Data from Magento is passed through S Connect and delivered to Microsoft Dynamics GP in the form of a custom formatted XML file.