Manage 2000 is an ERP software created by M2K, a division of Epicor. Manage 2000 fulfills the tasks required of a modern ERP system, coordinating business tasks such as order processing and inventory production. Manage 2000 has also been developed to meet the new requirements of updated eCommerce experiences, automating confirmation emails and relaying client information to customer databases.

Integrating Epicor Manage 2000

To integrate Manage 2000, we generate a consumable XML file that is then sent to Manage 2000. Once it receives this XML file, Manage 2000 processes that file and initiates production, tokenized payments, queues a confirmation email to be sent to the customer, and organizes data within accounting software.

Our Experience

We’ve successfully integrated Epicor Manage 2000. The integration updates inventory stock and pricing data, takes completed order objects from eCommerce into the ERP, passes back data when an order ships so payments are processed and shipping confirmations sent. Seamless, no-touch order processing through their Magento® website and their Epicor Manage 2000 ERP system.