Informatica is a middleware system that works between your site’s database and CRM or other ERP systems. It can connect to datasources, transform data as needed, and insert records into another system. It can be used for passing data of any kind, often customer or order transaction information into a CRM system.

Integrating Informatica

The benefit of an Informatica integration is that it’s customizable, and can be used to mediate data processing between a number of software systems, including eCommerce websites, ERP’s, CRM’s, and any others. It assists communication between integrated systems, translating the data it receives and sending it to the right location where it can be properly implemented.

Our Experience

We have successfully implemented Informatica with our client’s transactional websites, creating MySQL views from their web systems. These data feeds are connected to Informatica, and processed into account and opportunity records in Salesforce CRM.