Fishbowl is an order processing software used mainly by restaurants and food manufacturers to mediate customer orders and the production of perishable shipments. In addition, they also offer a SaaS marketing platform offering a suite of tools specifically created for helping restaurants leverage data to boost their sales.

Integrating Fishbowl

One of the most convenient aspects of Fishbowl is that it offers merchants a connector for the Magento® eCommerce platform (so you do not need to write your own). To integrate Fishbowl, this connection module–which Fishbowl wrote–is used so that the Fishbowl system directly talks via an API user account with Magento. Once integrated, Fishbowl pulls the order details submitted on the eCommerce platform and triggers order confirmation, order status updates, and sends information to accounting systems. Fishbowl, essentially, takes information from the eCommerce platform and relays it to where it’s needed into your backend operations.

Our Experience

We have successfully integrated Fishbowl with Magento eCommerce. Fishbowl pulls in orders on a scheduled basis, they are processed, shipped from Fishbowl. Then order status updates and confirmation emails are sent to customers via Magento. It provided a seamless customer and merchant experience, and integration with the existing operations.