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As an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software used by manufacturing companies around the world, abas ERP helps to increase business efficiencies around online order processing. 

Bear Group has partnered with the abas ERP team to develop a connector for Magento 2. The Magento connection between abas API and Magento unlocks new potential for companies looking to build an effective direct commerce channel fully integrated with the abas ERP.

The abas-Magento Connector

The base abas-Magento extension has the following capabilities which can be enabled for each specific merchant’s needs.

While available, each of these require mapping and custom configuration to work with your specific abas installation.

  • abas to Magento connection
  • Establish the API connection point and generate a token for communication with your abas ERP (Magento and abas do not need to be in the same hosting environment).
  • Map an Abas ID to Magento customer account, to connect the two customer profiles.
  • Send customer addresses from abas to Magento
  • Inventory creation from abas to Magento
  • Quantity updates from abas to Magento
  • Product attribute updates from abas to Magento (pricing, descriptions, custom attributes)
  • Ability to use saved credit cards on file in abas within Magento
  • Dynamic pricing that can be set at the customer level. When a customer logs into Magento, if they have a connected abas ID on their account, it will display pricing specific to them at the product level.
  • Shipping & Tax can be dynamically provided in the cart and checkout as they are calculated by abas (or an integrated destination-based tax service like Avalara).
  • Additional charges, for example hazardous materials, or handling fees can be provided by abas and displayed in the customers cart.

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