Ecommerce ERP, Middleware, and Accounting Integrations

Integrating with the Software Used to Manage Post-Order Processes

Post-order systems is a title that covers a wide range of different tools, matching the equally wide range of tasks required for processing orders.

ERPs and accounting software can be integrated directly with your ecommerce website, or connected through a data transfer system capable of organizing data and sending it to its appropriate destination. By integrating your two systems, you enable communication between the various technologies you use to conduct your business online.

ERP Integrations

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    abas ERP

    Bear Group has partnered with the abas ERP team to develop a connector for Magento 2. As an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software used by manufacturing companies around the world, an abas + Magento integrated system helps to increase business efficiencies around online order processing.

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  • Syspro

    Utilized mainly by enterprise-level businesses, Syspro is a scalable ERP system, manufactured to accommodate business growth. Syspro combines both standard ERP capabilities with aspects of modern software, including mobility and support for system updates.

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  • Webgility

    Use Webgility middleware to improve the connections between your ecommerce website, CRM, and other ERP systems. Webgility can assist admin with the processing of data in post-order management. 

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  • Homegrown ERP

    Many older businesses have built their own custom order and ERP systems over time. In these cases, there are solutions which offer custom integrations between these homegrown systems and ecommerce website platforms. 

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  • Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Find the right solution for integrating your Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP with your ecommerce system to streamline data processing between your eCommerce website and your post-order management systems. 

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  • Sage

    For clients using Sage ERP software, we can help you find a custom solution for integrating your ERP with your ecommerce website, giving you the ability to freely customize and update your website while maintaining post-order management systems. 

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  • Quickbooks

    Though most accounting software are closed systems, there are solutions for integrating Quickbooks with your website which will assist with the seamless processing of data between your ecommerce storefront and your post-order management systems. 

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  • SAP

    For businesses using an SAP ERP, there are a variety of methods available for integrating your ERP, ecommerce website, and CRM that allow you to freely make updates to your website while preserving the systems responsible for post-order management. 

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  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

    Integrate your ERP system, EnterpriseOne, with your ecommerce website allowing you to have more control over website updates while maintaining the systems used to control order processing. 

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