Bear Group’s Experience with SendGrid

Our experience with SendGrid has been through completing integrations with organizations such as WorldVision, Kavana, and Schuchart Dow. Each of these organizations had already been using SendGrid for their email marketing campaigns and had integrated it with their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. It made a lot of sense to continue using it and adding to mail lists from the website. SendGrid has a very impressive list of clients: AirBNB, FourSquare, Uber, Spotify, to name a few. SendGrid has had a dual marketer and developer (API) focus from the outset, making their system one of the easiest to integrate on the market. They also tout the largest email infrastructure, sending billions of emails.

The Benefits

  • Email Deliverability: SendGrid combines a team of deliverability analysts, guides on optimizing email infrastructures, and the power of their email platform to ensure that you attain the highest deliverability rates possible with your campaign.

  • Same Platform for Both Transaction and Marketing Emails: SendGrid uses the same platform to send transactional and marketing emails, so you can configure both within the same system without having to coordinate the two separately.

  • Robust, Flexible API: SendGrid features a robust, flexible API through which you can integrate with your website. The process is quick, and the integration can be customized to appear however you like.

  • Real Time Analytics: SendGrid generates incredibly specific, up-to-date analytics reports that allow you to track results down to individual email recipients.

  • World’s Largest Cloud-Based Email Delivery System: SendGrid’s Cloud allows you to maintain your email infrastructure without having to do so in-house.

  • Offer Your Recipients More Options: SendGrid helps to reduce spam by allowing you to give your email recipients a choice in the type of email they want to receive when they subscribe to your website.

  • Contact Management API: SendGrid’s Contact Management API helps you to create an automatic system response that segments lists and sends emails - based on custom settings - for you.

  • Support, However is Most Convenient: Do you prefer to take your time reading reports yourself? Would you rather speak directly to a representative? SendGrid provides live customer service, system documentation, and helpful guides.

  • Assistance for Moving out of Mandrill: If you’re already using Mandrill’s email marketing system, SendGrid provides helpful guides for data migration.

When Do We Recommend SendGrid

SendGrid is likely a good solution for larger enterprise customers who are making a build vs. buy decision. They offer good campaign management tools for marketing emails as well as integration support for high volume transactional mail. SendGrid is most similar to the Mandrill and Mailchimp email marketing systems.