Bear Group’s Experience with iContact

Our experience with iContact has been through completing integrations with companies such as Thorne, Barefoot Yoga, Demitri’s, and zHealth. Each of these companies had already been using iContact for their email marketing campaigns, and integrating them with their websites was a simple, painless process.

The Benefits

  • Customer Success Managers: iContact assists their clients with the setup of their system and provides advice for the best ways to use it. They offer resources, such as personal coaching and customer care, to make sure that you always feel in control of your email marketing strategy.

  • Complete Feature Set: Their system offers a number of features, including responsive email templates for mobile and desktop devices, automation tools, and solid reporting.

  • Direct API Connection for Magento® and Drupal: iContact has a community extension available for both Magento and Drupal, making it easy to create a direct connection over their API. This means that new orders can be added directly into iContact lists or through a signup form.

  • Visual Editing System: iContact has a good visual editor, making it fairly quick to setup and manage templates.

  • Integration Lite: Similar to all email solutions iContact is integration “lite,” allowing you to simply take the drop-in code provided in their admin panel and drop it into your chosen theme layer. This provides a small, easily customizable, email form (complete with submit button) that can pass emails directly from your website into segmented email lists in iContact.

When Do We Recommend iContact

iContact has been a player in the email marketing space from very early on, occupying the same niche as companies such as MailChimp, and catering to smaller and mid-size businesses. Typically, we don’t usually recommend iContact over MailChimp. However, for clients who are currently using the tool, there is little reason to switch systems since the feature set is nearly identical.

If you have any further questions about iContact or other Digital Marketing Integrations that you'd like us to consult on, please send us a tweet or contact us below.