Bear Group’s Experience with Constant Contact

The Constant Contact system was very early to appear, if not the first to appear, on the email marketing tool scene. It was one of the earliest email marketing tools we started seeing clients using and therefore one of the first we had the opportunity to integrate into client websites.

Our experience with Constant Contact has been through completing integrations with companies such as Madrona Solutions Group, Oiselle, Antica Farmacista, and Queen Anne Painting. Each of these companies had already been using Constant Contact for their email marketing campaigns and it was a simple process to integrate them with their main websites.

The Benefits

  • Integration Resources: There is an easy API plugin for Drupal, and an additional four available for Magento®.

  • Complete Business Services: Constant Contact offers a wide range of business services, providing resources such as training, webinars, and in-house consultants to make sure your campaigns get set up correctly.

  • Tiered Pricing Model: The one feature that really sets Constant Contact apart is that they teir their pricing model based on a client’s list size. However, after an initial free 60-day trial, you have to pay a minimum of $20/month for a subscription. In contrast, MailChimp is free for the first 2,000 subscribers in your lists, but then quickly moves into price tiers and paying for features.

  • Customizable Email Form: Constant Contact’s integration “lite” structure provides an easily customizable email form (complete with submit button) that you can place within your website. Through this form your website will communicate with Constant Contact, and pass emails from the website into segmented lists in Constant Contact. The integration work itself is simple to do, taking their provided code and dropping it into the chosen theme layer. Here’s a code sample:

constant contact code

When Do We Recommend Constant Contact

Constant Contact has been a player in the email marketing space from very early on, and have years of experience working with a wide range of clients.

Because of their pricing tier, we recommend Constant Contact as an email marketing choice for larger companies with long-term growth goals for their email marketing lists. For smaller business, the pricing plan of an email marketing system like MailChimp may be a better option, at least initially. As the feature set between the two platforms is nearly identical, the major difference is between their pricing plans.

If you have any further questions about Constant Contact or other Digital Marketing Integrations that you'd like us to consult on, please send us a  tweet or contact us below.