Our Experience With Zoho

Previously known as AdventNet Inc., Zoho was later renamed in 2009 after its most popular software. What started as network management software has now expanded to include a variety of additional services, including their Office Suite. The Zoho CRM and marketing automation applications were part of those services released with Zoho Office Suite.

The Benefits

  • Manage Campaigns: Zoho provides workflow organization tools that help you analyze your digital marketing strategy, creating automated processes where they can be beneficial to your workflow. The user interface helps you easily create campaigns and monitor their success rate.

  • Email Marketing: Zoho’s email marketing provides you the opportunity to create emails and schedule sends, optimizing your email marketing based on monitored recipient behavior. You can integrate Zoho email marketing with your website and CRM to better share data and embed webforms. Additionally, Zoho provides templates for you to create emails with dynamic layouts.

  • Webform Creation: Zoho provides templates for webform creation and code that can be used to integrate the form within your website. Additional customization options include webform segmentation, allowing you to dictate how your system will automatically process submitted webforms.

  • Monitoring Your ROI: Zoho allows you to specify your budget and then carefully track the financial success of your marketing campaigns.

  • Robust API: Using the Zoho API, you can integrate your marketing automation system with your website, CRM, email marketing, or any other additional services you already have in place. The API allows for information to be passed between your systems automatically, without requiring any manual data entry on your part.

  • Integration With Google AdWords: You can leverage your Google AdWords data into your marketing automation system to better analyze how your ad campaigns are contributing to online and offline sales.

  • Document Library: Zoho’s document library provides you with a place to store business related documents online so that they’re always accessible. This also allows you to provide documents to your users based on parameters that you have set.

When Do We Recommend Zoho

Zoho’s monitoring capabilities allow you to keep a constant perspective of whatever active campaigns you have running. Its feature set is simple and straightforward, providing the tools that most marketing automation services offer laid out in a simple user interface.