Our Experience With Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot Inc. began as a software company in Canada, releasing the first version of their application in 2006. We encountered Wild Apricot back in 2007 when researching event registration systems for the Seattle chapter of AIA. It provides an “all-in-one” solution for small to mid-size organizations and is particularly well suited for associations and nonprofits who have membership, donations, subscriptions, and events as a core function of their organization.

The Benefits

  • Managing Memberships: You can keep track of registered members - both users registered to your website and to specific events - within Wild Apricot’s data base. Wild Apricot provides an entry point for your users to enter in their own information, and update it as necessary. It will automatically update the information in your database to reflect any changes made by your user.

  • Event Registration: Customize registration forms and associated automatic responses, like email confirmations and payment processes. You can monitor the details of each of your created events from a central, Wild Apricot event calendar that updates automatically in response to any changes.

  • Widgets: Wild Apricot provides a website builder, which includes templates and a user interface much like Wordpress or Squarespace. However, for admin that already have a fully functioning website and want to integrate Wild Apricot, they provide widgets that allow you to embed features, like event calendars, email subscription forms, and membership applications, directly within your web-pages.

  • API: In addition to the widgets that Wild Apricot offers, it also features an API which can be used to customize Wild Apricot integrations in unique ways. If there’s a specific feature you want to display on your website or you wanted to synchronize the Wild Apricot system with any other marketing systems you might already be using, the API can be used to sync Wild Apricot so it can share and receive data.

  • Email Marketing: Wild Apricot’s email marketing automation is connected to the other tools in its system, which also includes payment, event registration, and membership automation processes. The email marketing system can be configured to automatically perform sends as well as segment lists and report recipient behaviors, but it also pulls information from those additional systems to better inform its tasks.

When Do We Recommend Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot provides in a complete package a set of marketing automation tools that you most likely already use separately - email marketing, event management, customer database - and allows you to control them from a central system. As far as pricing goes, Wild Apricot’s system is highly affordable, and subscribers to the Wild Apricot Global plan are provided with additional instructional digital marketing resources.