Our Experience With SugarCRM

SugarCRM entered the marketing software scene in 2004 and grew in popularity with its variety of services and open-source systems. Since its launch, SugarCRM has focused more on developing marketing automation services that can be used by non-technical marketing admin. Its latest system release, version 7, combines an intuitive interface with a system that can be easily integrated with other supportive tools, such as social media and email marketing services.

We completed integration projects in 2008 and 2010 for clients who were using the open-source version of the SugarCRM platform, prior to the API availability. Its main purpose was to support campaigns with lead management.

The Benefits

  • Manage Campaigns Centrally: Whether email, phone, trade show, or direct mail you can manage your campaigns centrally from SugarCRM’s Multi-Channel Campaigns. Additionally, you can track the success of your campaigns from within your marketing automation system.

  • SugarExchange: SugarExchange offers a wide variety of applications that you can use to extend the capability of your marketing automation, including social marketing, campaign management, and analytics tools.

  • Campaign Wizard: The Campaign Wizard assists with the creation of marketing campaigns by factoring in details on specific goals, desired audience, budget, and expected ROI.

  • Webforms: SugarCRM offers webforms that non-technical web admin can easily customize and embed on their website.

  • Lead Management Tools: You can track leads, find what campaigns they discovered you through, and manage their journey through your pipeline. You can segment leads, passing only qualified leads over to sales.

  • Analytics: Controlling your campaigns from a central location means that you have a complete perspective of your entire marketing strategy. Much of digital marketing is data-driven, and SugarCRM extends that same data analysis to tracking non-digital marketing campaigns.

When Do We Recommend SugarCRM

After discontinuing its open-source releases, SugarCRM has attempted to create a marketing automation system that can be used and implemented by any marketing admin, regardless of their technical knowledge. Like most marketing automation systems, SugarCRM has a strong data collection system that allows marketers to keep track of the success of each of their campaigns.