Our Experience

Salesforce was an early CRM and one of the first to get big in the MarTech software space. They expanded into marketing automation by acquiring ExactTarget, Pardot, and CoTweet. After ExactTarget was acquired by Salesforce in 2012, their enterprise email and marketing automation platform was merged with the Salesforce CRM, creating Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Like most marketing automation services, Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides automation for email, social, digital advertising, and website marketing. Salesforce divides its marketing automation outreach into two categories: platform and channel.

We’ve done multiple API integrations with Salesforce Marketing Cloud for WorldVision, PopCap Games, and other large clients. Typically, the purpose of these integrations is to capture check-out events or new leads from campaigns that then start an automation event. All of our clients were already using ExactTarget as their email marketing system, and upgrading to Salesforce Marketing Cloud was a natural progression for them.

The Benefits

  • Marketing Automation for B2B: Salesforce Marketing offers tools that help you monitor and nurture your leads throughout the longer conversion process attributed to B2B businesses. Salesforce improves the connection between marketing and sales to better convert leads, and provides features that help you label and prioritize leads based on their status.

  • Marketing for Mobile: Send SMS, MMS, and app-driven notifications created from an easy template system. Additionally, you can track the way users interact with your app and utilize geolocation technology to send messages when your customers enter a specified area. Salesforce also provides APIs for customized mobile marketing strategies.

  • Social: Salesforce offers a complete, cross-channel social marketing management tool. Salesforce Social Studio allows you to monitor what your consumers are saying about your brand on multiple social media platforms and adapt your strategy to what is being said. It also factors in projected client behavior.

  • Cloud Pages: Salesforce’s Cloud Pages assist in the creation of personalized landing pages that reflect your user’s preferences through custom content and predictive recommendations.

  • Advertising Studio: The Salesforce Advertising Studio allows you to combine digital marketing perspective with advertising creation. You can monitor customer behavior and use it to implement ads in the most optimal place - on social channels, website locations, within apps - and created with targeted content.

  • Predictive Intelligence: Predictive Intelligence incorporates collected customer behavior data into automated marketing processes. It allows you to develop the customer’s journey in response to predicted future behavior.

  • Audience Builder: Salesforce Audience Builder automates the process of segmenting audiences. Based on your specified parameters, Audience Builder immediately reacts to customer behaviors to organize audiences in real time.

  • Real-Time Alerts: You can customize specific triggers to be alerted by client behavior in real-time, allowing you to react quickly and effectively to any new developments. Using this requires either the Salesforce1 App or Salesforce CRM.

  • Salesforce Engage: Engage mediates interactions between your marketing and sales teams, assisting in the organization and delivery of information. Engage allows your marketing team to communicate information -- like approved email templates ready for use or where leads are along the conversion process -- to your sales team.

When Do We Recommend Salesforce

Salesforce offers features similar to Marketo. Typically, businesses who use Salesforce have a larger sales team, managing a sophisticated sales or customer management process. This tends to mean a more complex website interaction is needed, and custom development is usually the plan from the outset.

Like all marketing automation efforts, one of the drawbacks can be complexity. However, for companies up for the challenge and staffed to support it, they may see big marketing breakthroughs.